Ten Ways to Get Your Property Sold!


Remember, first impressions are the only ones that count.  Make your home stand out to by taking the time to place a “buyer’s eye” on your property with these top ten tips to getting your property sold.

1.        Curb appeal!  Do you want drive-by’s or walk-in’s?  Spruce up your yard, trim the hedge, fix the fence, paint the trim, repair cracks in the driveway and sidewalk.  This is where your sale begins!

2.       Remove all your personal mementos, photos, certificates etc.!  Yes, they are special to you and they will look lovely in your new home, but this is not the time to get sentimental.  You don’t want buyers to not be able to look past your stuff and miss the space you are are trying to show off.

3.       Time to purge!  You’re moving anyway, right?  So pack up and either store off-site, give away, or throw out at least half to two thirds of the stuff you’ve got in cupboards and closets.  Buyers will look!  Storage space is one of the top features buyers are looking for and if your closets look jammed full it will leave them feeling like maybe there isn’t enough room for their stuff.

4.       Deep clean!  Can’t express this enough!  Don’t ignore baseboards and ceiling fans and bathroom grout! No one wants to see a hint of grunge as it will make them wonder what else is dirty.  It may pay to hire a professional to really get at those hidden spots buyers are going to find, which also frees you up to tackle some of the other things on this list!

5.       Update the kitchen!  One of the MOST important rooms in the house!  If yours is dated consider at least painting the cupboards, updating fixtures, lighting, and flooring.  You will get the BIGGEST bang for your investment BUCK in this one room alone!



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